Top Six Ecommerce Platform

Top Six Ecommerce Platform

In this fast-paced world where digitalization is taking over e-commerce platforms play a very important role in the life of any individual. E-commerce platforms are online software applications that help a business to operate and exist virtually. E-commerce platforms are becoming excessively common these days as they provide convenience and saves time. Out of 120 e-commerce online software’s top 6 best platforms are as following: Shopify, Bigcommerce, Ecwid, Volution, 3dcart, and Big Cartel.

Shopify is one of the most flexible online platforms which offers almost everything that an individual may require. It also gives an option of customization to its customers according to their needs. You can also sell whatever you want including physical product, digital products and downloads, services and do drop shipping.

Bigcommerce has a very user-friendly dashboard which helps the customer to properly manage. Its dashboard is almost similar to Spotify for credit card transactions, customizing your store and many more. This platform gives the customer ease of adding products. There are different tabs about different characteristics, so you don’t have to add every detail manually. Overall Bigcommerce is vast and impressive and roughly offers the same pricing as Shopify.

Volusion has a nice and easy dashboard and properly guides beginners to explore the application properly. Navigation between different panels in the application is fairly simple. It is a mobile-friendly application which has effective customer service/ support. It does not charge bandwidth or SSL fees.

Big cartel is focusing on simplicity. The online application displays the basic stats regarding score. This makes it simple and people see what they exactly want to see in any given day when they log on to the application. There are limited options, but they cater to customer needs. It is easy to add products into the cart. Big Cartel is a basic player and can cater to customers basic needs but can become difficult as your sales grow or business increase. The distinctive feature about big cartel is that it is one of the only two solutions on the list that gives the user convenience of the free plan.

The user interface and online platform in 3dcart are clear and comprehensive. For beginners, it can be a very helpful application as it offers an amazing tutorial and guides the user properly step by step. You even get sample products in your catalog to help you get started. The product creation panel offers a variety of features which can be overwhelming for beginners but getting hold of it would take too long.

Ecwid has an easy to grasp dashboard and a fairly simple onboarding interface. You can easily access all other admin panels through the sidebar where you can manage and design your store and products. Adding new products is a straight forward process.

Conclusively, Ecwid offers the best free plan of the platforms featured in this comparison. The only other tool with a free plan is Big Cartel, but that one is pretty limited compared to Ecwid’s.

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