Multichannel Ecommerce platforms – The Top Picks

Multichannel Ecommerce platforms – The Top Picks

Most sellers choose big and known platforms like Amazon to sell their products, however, if you want to reach a wider audience, you need to diversify. Diversification is significant, especially if you want to increase your revenue and reach. However, selling on multiple channels would require a lot of investment, as well as effort. It is important to note that despite the number of the channels you’re selling your products/services on, the customer experience should be consistent. To make this process easy, and save you from the troubles of finding a great deal of time as well as manpower, this article will discuss one of the best multi-channel ecommerce software that you could use.

Before we discuss the top pick, here’s a brief overview of what a multi-channel ecommerce is:

Multi-channel ecommerce basically means to retail products through more than one particular channel. Multi-channel marketing has now provided us with an irreplaceable and incredible ability to sell products across various platforms. Following are the top picks:

  1. Shopify

Shopify is a multi-channel ecommerce platform that provides its services to more than 600,000 businesses out there. It is a unified platform that provides 20+ different sales channel under one platform.

You can integrate your Shopify store with Facebook, allowing customers to make instant purchases on the Facebook shop. Furthermore, you can connect with potential customers through messenger as well. Through Shopify’s wholesale channel, you can directly sell to high-volume customers and set up reward and loyalty programs.

Shopify also allows you to sell products on any website, with the help of its Buy button. This Buy button is directly linked to your Shopify checkout, making the process even easier.

You can also share your products on Instagram as well as add pins on Pinterest, which can be linked to your Shopify products that are there to be sold.

Lastly, but not limited to, Shopify POS system will allow you to take your Shopify store anyplace and on any channel. You can test new markets and new products without losing order histories, inventory details and customer information. You can also integrate you Shopify store with some popular websites like: Amazon, eBay, Wish, Kik, Buzzfeed and more.

Therefore, if you’re planning on getting a multi-channel ecommerce platform, Shopify is the perfect option for you! It is reliable and the number of businesses it serves is a proof of its credibility.

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