Biggest B2B Ecommerce Myths Businesses Need to Forget

Offering customers unforgettable shopping experience is essential, especially for B2B ecommerce customers. A bad online environment will decrease your conversions and damage your brand. Even though it is important to understand customer needs and fulfill their expectations, it is also important to determine how you can take things on the next level and exceed their expectations. What you need to do is to ditch old business myths and welcome new ways of doing business. Here are some of the biggest B2B ecommerce myths your business should be ditching.

1.Cool and Modern Website Design is Only Suitable to B2C Websites

Web design trends move quickly. A website that looked good five years ago, looks out of date now. A lot of people think that just because you are a part of the B2B industry and you are conducting businesses with other companies you shouldn’t worry about the design of your website.

Huge mistake.

See what your competitors are doing and what you can learn from them. Choose elements that you think will make customers’ lives easier.

Make sure you have a great looking website that is optimized for mobile. You can go for a mobile website, responsive design or other design options, it is up to you.

It is also a good idea to have routine re-design throughout the year and not let your website get out of date for a longer period of time.

2. The Website Should Appeal to Everyone

You aren’t building your website for the masses. You are building the website for your customers.

If your new website has no distinctive advantage or intersection between your products and what customers are looking for – you have a huge problem.

Proper market research should help you determine your target audience and build out buyer personas.

Building out your buyer personas is just one part of the targeting. You also need to come up with solutions that solve your customers’ concerns, address their questions, and motivate them to purchase from you.

3. Automation Is Not Good for The Customers

Using secure and smart software to better operate your business and automate the processes is called smart business management.

The most important thing your customers care about is service, not a company that depends on complicated processes. You need to focus all of your efforts on building a service-based business. Your goal should be to make the online shopping experience as convenient as possible.

4. A Few Errors Can’t Harm Your Business

Website glitches and bugs are common. In some cases, online purchasers look the other way, however, the solution you should aim for is smooth user experience, fast-loading website, and no 404s.

You should update your website regularly, including your plugins. The updates make sure you keep your website safe and secure while an outdated website gets unsafe and confusing pretty fast.

We recommend you to conduct some usability tests to see whether your website layout makes sense to the customers. Keep in mind that what may seem good to you, probably isn’t for your customers.

5. Social Proof is for B2C Websites Only

B2C makes social proof so easy, right? However, that doesn’t mean that B2B businesses can’t benefit from social promotion and selling. Professional and business consumers want to feel they are working with a brand that has been given a certain level of confidence by other people.

Running a B2B ecommerce platform is challenging and exciting. There are a lot of things to think about but whatever you do make sure that keeping your customers happy and satisfied is your biggest priority.

So, how do you plan on meeting your customers’ needs in 2019?

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